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Do you want to know how to get the maximum price for your home when selling?

Read on…
Selling a home can often be the most stressful experience on a par with going
through a messy divorce. It needn’t be – IF you follow this advice.

The most important factor when selling is to leave the presentation to the experts.
This is the most important decision you will make before you call a real estate agent.

Our Services:
1. View the property to decide the best spacial layout for traffic flow and decor.
2. Advice on what to do first – re: maintenance/repairs.
3. Provide a no obligation free consultation on the cost of staging hire.
4. Advise you of the top real estate agent in your area to market your home.
(We only recommend an agent who we are confident with and are passionate
& trustworthy with a proven track record of great results.)
5. We style your home for optimum appeal to the market.

We believe a home should appeal to the broadest range of buyers, bearing in mind that it should not look ‘clinical’ as some stagings tend to do.
Ambience and colour co-ordination play a huge role in the overall presentation.
We always add the little extras to complete the presentation at no extra cost
if we feel it’s needed.

Our Mission: To provide you with a top class presentation, affordable pricing and the very
best service for a stress free successful sale.

Don’t forget to read through our client testimonials of what we have achieved for our
previous clients.

Lorraine Wilson – Home Staging Stylist and team at Housedressings Ltd.

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