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Your property is most likely your biggest asset. Before you market your home, there are some vital decisions to make which will effect what the outcome will be.
You may decide to market your home privately and some vendors have been very successful.
However, not everyone is good at following up leads, clever in negotiating or closing a successful property sale.
Whether you sell privately or employ the services of a real estate agent, the most important
thing to do first is to make sure your home is stylishly presented.
Most people know what looks great but have no idea of how to put it all together.
The importance of Home Staging is often under valued by some- until they have
seen the amazing results and a quick sale. Sometimes the sale price far exceeds expectations!

To gain a successful sale you need two vital ingredients: Home Staging and a Top Agent.

These 2 go hand in hand – in that order!

1. Home Staging: Once your home is staged, the photos on the internet will gain more attention and create a powerful on line presence.
This will result in attracting more potential buyers through open home showings.

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that paying to stage your home is unneccessary
or too expensive.

Home Staging should not be termed as a cost but rather an investment which pays
you dividends.

I am constantly asked to dress up homes at very short notice which have been on the market and empty. Usually there has been negative feedback or no interest at all.
After staging, these same properties have sold very quickly.
Read through our client testimonials for more information about what we have achieved
for others.

2. Re: Your appointed agent: Find who is the top agent in your area, a skilled negotiator
with a good reputation and a proven track record of results.

For more information on presenting your home or free quotation- please phone Lorraine.
Office: 09 630 9290
Mob: 027 229 0695
Freephone: 0508 373 774

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