Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the home staging service please feel free to make an enquiry as I will be happy to assist.

How long is the hire period?

Our House Dressing packages last for four weeks plus one extra complimentary week. The first week covers photography and marketing, while the other four are for the open homes and the final sale or auction. This is generally proven to be an adequate period to achieve a sale, but if you do need to extend, the charge is on a weekly basis in advance at a reduced rate.

If the property sells prior to the end of the hire period, the furniture will be removed and there are no refunds given.

However, if you need to extend, the minimum extension period is one week and part weeks are charged at the weekly rate which is 20% of the one month initial hire fee.

Extension hire:  One weeks notice is required from the hirer to House Dressings requesting an extension.

House Dressings will make a reasonable attempt to contact the hirer to discuss further extension or removal of goods.

If two working days prior to the end of initial hire, the hirer has not indicated whether they wish to extend or have the goods collected, then the agreement automatically renews for one week and the hirer will be invoiced accordingly.


All window stays and door locks must in good working order prior to delivery of hire furniture as a preventative against break ins. If there is a weak entry point, a deadlock is recommended to be installed as extra security.

If the house has curtains or blinds, we advise that they be closed after every open home.

All renovations, repairs and cleaning to the interior of the home must be completed before the hire furniture is installed to protect the goods from damage.

If the home has an alarm, this must be kept activated during the hire period.

What should I do to my house before I put it on the market?

Please ensure that the home is cleaned thoroughly before the day of installation. Eg: Kitchen benches, bathrooms cleaned, carpets fully vacuumed. If carpets are to be commercially cleaned, allow plenty of time for the drying of carpets before delivery of furniture.

When does the staging need to be installed?

It is best for the staging to be installed the day before photography is scheduled. Depending on the size of the house, it can take up to a day to install the furniture. To make sure that the staging is presented to the highest possible standard, we ask that the photos are not booked for the same day.

It is important to us that the dressing is not rushed, as we take pride in our styling. We recommend that the photographer be booked for 12.00 pm onwards, the day after installation wherever possible, to allow us extra time the following morning to tweak or swap items for the end result.

Can the home be occupied with hire furniture?

House Dressings provides an enhancement service, which is the perfect solution if you are living in your home while on sale.  We can work within your budget to bring in individual pieces of furniture, accessories or art to enhance the items that already exist in your home.

If there are animals or small children living on the premises we will do this on a case by case assessment.

The furniture may be used if you are living in the house while selling. However, it must only be used for the purpose that it is intended for. Any damage caused to the furniture from incorrect use will be the responsibility of the hirer for rectification.

How should I prepare the house before Home Staging?

It is important to ensure all repairs, cleaning, carpet shampooing etc is completed prior to the installation of hire furniture. The Home staging package is the last stage of your preparation.


When should I pay for the staging?

Full payment is required at least 3 days prior to installation by direct deposit/internet banking with proof of payment (Bank receipt/screen shot)

Installation will not proceed without proof of full payment.


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